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You asked for it and we’re delivering—  grab an official USF Navs shirt before the end of the year!  

They are $16 and will be here by exam week, when we’ll distribute them. *** If you plan to buy one, mark your name & size here so we can order the correct amount by Thursday 4/11. 

One of most noticeable features of USF’s campus is the amount of palm trees you see on campus. Like USF itself,  these trees are distinct—  uniquely “Florida”, iconic & beautiful.   For the past several years, these trees have been woven throughout our Navigator campus design & marketing as a symbol of vibrant life in Christ that serves as the backdrop for our vision.

  • They capture the diversity of our campus — #38 most diverse in the world, #1 in latino success, minority majority and where we want to grow in our pursuit of Kingdom community. 

  • They capture the beauty of growth -- the scriptures are constantly comparing spiritual growth to trees (rooted & grounded) 

  • They capture the heart of a fruitful laborer -  we pray for laborers on the campus, all throughout the dorms & student life, who are bearing fruit & bringing gospel hope wherever they go

May this small symbol be a refreshing reminder that the harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few & God invites you know Him deeply and be a disciple who makes disciples.  

- USF Navigators Staff Team